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Corporate photographer NYC

On our site you can find a corporate photographer in NYC for any corporate events.

Companies with a corporate culture and communication standards are more trusted. Therefore, corporate photography of employees is a necessary step for any modern and growing organization. We are ready to take photos of employees and TOP managers, and show that your team can be trusted.

New York corporate photographer

Corporate photography means an on-site office photo session, during which photographs of employees or company management are carried out. Photography of corporate events means reportage photography of corporate events, which can take place both in the office and in other places chosen by the customer.

The purpose of a corporate photo session is to obtain photos for websites, various publications, corporate profile publications, as well as for printing them in calendars and booklets.

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Business photography

Business photography is a significant part of our work. We have accumulated vast experience in business photo shoots, creating business portraits for a variety of purposes – for websites of organizations, publications in books and periodicals, advertising, for resumes, and so on.

A business photo session in a photo studio is a photo shoot of one or more people in a business style in a photo studio. Business style is defined by clothes, hairstyle, make-up. In addition, appropriate poses are used in business photography.


Business Headshot NYC


A business headshot is a type of commercial photography, which should convey to the audience the idea that “there is a professional in front of you”.

The business sector of the economy successfully uses such an effective marketing tool as a business headshot in its development. Pictures are posted on websites and social networks, printed in booklets and brochures. This makes it possible to get closer to both partners and customers.

Our team of professional photographers NYC, stylists and make-up artists will be able to easily organize for you personal photography for any type of content: from photo portraits for the company’s official website to creative pictures on social networks.

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