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Love story proposal

Who needs to do a love story proposal photo shoot?

✔  For those who are worried that they do not work well in the photo
There is a category of grooms and brides who believe that they are very bad at photographs.
In this case, the pre-wedding photo session is a great opportunity to get used to the camera, relax, stop posing and start just living in the frame, enjoying every moment.


Love story photography

Now many couples of lovers do a romantic love story photography before the wedding. Typically, for the bride and groom, this is an opportunity to get professional photographs for a family album. Such a photo session is also good in that you can make a beautiful clip from the frames of a love story and show it to all guests at the wedding.

What does a professional photographer a love-story strive for:

Naturalness of emotions, sensuality on faces, free gestures and movements. To achieve this effect, the heroes of the photoset must relax, behave as in ordinary life. You cannot overcome the embarrassment and constraint of lovers – offer a cup of coffee with cognac.
Conceptuality. The composition of each frame should repeat the style of the previous one. Synonymous colors, accessories, colors in clothes – watch for harmony, balance every detail of the plot.
An artistic approach. Do not be afraid of non-standard techniques, decide to experiment, invest more creativity in the process. Experiment with the parameters, strictly following the technical specifications of the environment.

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