‘The Great Untold’ – Three $10K photo story grants available


‘The Great Untold’ – Three $10K photo story grants available

In a new partnership with Netflix, Adobe has announced ‘The Great Untold’ giving emerging creators creative support, mentorship and a greater platform to bring their stories to life.

Adobe are offering a great creative package here to three creative submissions which be selected and made into short films. Each creator will be given a $10,000 grant, access to Adobe experts and Adobe tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro video software, and be paired with a mentor to guide and inspire them through the creative process.

• Participants can pitch their story idea via TikTok or WhatsYourGreatUntold.com

Mentors will include playwright, filmmaker and author David Talbert — producer, author and costume designer, Lyn Talbert, who co-produced Netflix’s first live-action musical, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey — and Ryan O’Connell, lead actor in the Netflix series, Special.

Adobe and Netflix will provide access to the equipment, tools and crew needed to start production on the chosen short films. Local communities will also be invited to participate as film set crew, wardrobe, extras, and more — look out for ‘The Great Untold’ in unexpected places.


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