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I’m a professional photographer based in New York. Photography has been my love and passion for a long time now. My work in photography is a natural extension of my desire to tell stories. My style is a combination of free shooting and commercial. My approach is to always seek the best light in surrounding places – always trying to get the best shot! Photographer NYC pricing

Photographer today

The photographer today is one of the most popular and highly paid professions. If earlier there were only a few photographers, and it was easier to achieve great success, today you need to try before others notice you and your work. The vision of photography is important: a clear idea of how the subject and objects will look in the frame. You can learn this and develop a unique style only over time, and studying the best works of professional photographers will help.

Today, anyone has access to tools for creating, retouching and formatting photos. But this does not mean at all that there is nothing difficult in the profession of a photographer. The work of a photographer in New York is one of the types of art, the execution of which is not available to everyone. To become a master, you need to have a number of innate qualities and acquired professional skills. Also, a beginner will need perseverance and patience to succeed in the chosen direction.

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I am Mili, a New York photographer and filmmaker. It’s been more than 14 years now since I’ve started this journey. My main vision is based on simplicity and beauty inside and out. I love to explore and highlight the best in every person through my camera. Whether it’s a street style portrait or commercial promo, love story or a creative content for your business, I’m always happy to work with on your next project.

Photography reviews

Photography reviews

Photography reviews

New items of photographic equipment, photography reviews and comparisons of cameras and lenses, characteristics, examples of images and tests. Detailed and interesting descriptions of photos of new products. Professional reviews photo and reviews of photographic equipment. News from the photo industry and photographic equipment, tests and reviews - everything for a professional photographer!

Who is a professional photographer?

This is a photographer who creates stunning photos. The services of a photographer have always been in demand, but professional photography in different genres is especially in demand. Many people consider themselves a professional photographer, especially since it is not difficult to take good pictures with modern and cool cameras.

However, if you need great pictures for your portfolio, advertising, corporate books it’s very important to get a professional. A good camera doesn’t transform a person into a professional.
That’s why a professional photographer with extensive experience and skills is highly valued. What allows photographers to call themselves professionals? The first point is the professional photographer must work with clients under a contract. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the work of professional photographers could be published in various magazines, books, or newspapers. Also, photographers often organize various photo walks, participate in lectures and seminars, and their artwork could be part of exhibitions and win competitions. 

Professional photographers NYC of the Iammili studio

Professional photographers NYC at the Iammili photo studio use the latest photo equipment, constantly monitoring new features on the market. As we know modern equipment fulfills its amazing functions only in experienced hands. This perfect tandem of professionalism and the latest generation of technology produces amazing results. Other professional photographers from other agencies highly recommended us. In addition to the listed advantages, a professional photographer must have the skills of a psychologist and easily communicate with customers. Our photographers are able to win over a wide variety of people.